What is Find IT talent?

FIND IT TALENT: Tech talent Sourcing & Recruitment (Ukraine and CIS)

"Find IT talent" is IT talent sourcing and recruitment company that helps foreign companies recruit and relocate developers from Ukraine and CIS abroad. 

We utilise all local job boards (free and paid) that you'd expect us to and leverage recruitment marketing to find passive IT talent. Unlike traditional recruitment companies, we have a very strong investment into our market sourcing methodology that allows us to quickly attract the best possible “passive” IT candidates. 

Our recruiters are extensively trained in up-to date sourcing techniques and research tools. This allows them to maximise their network of IT professionals and capture the audience.

We offer:
- Candidate warranty – The candidate replacement for free in case of resignation or dismissal
- Fixed recruitment fees EUR 2,000 and fixed sourcing fees EUR 300 
- Tailor made social marketing to ensure we are promoting your opportunity across social media channels
- Free recruitment for Junior positions

Nowadays some companies operate with a Preferred Supplier List when it comes to filling in their recruitment needs. Others trust one recruitment provider to work with them exclusively on the majority of vacancies. While these alternatives do ensure that costs and service levels are transparent, but you'll probably agree that your recruitment partner won't be able to fill 100% of your positions. 

So why not allow FIND IT TALENT to offer you a comparison to the service levels you are used to, and help you benchmark the value for money you are getting.

We are confident that there is serious benefit to your organization in trying our services.

Key Differentiating Client Value Proposition:

- Star Candidates other agencies won’t have.
- We headhunt on your behalf using the best strategies and tools to source hard to find candidates and candidates not actively looking for a new job, increasing our reach in the market.
- Dedicated Account Manager who will look after your recruitment needs on daily basis.
- A fixed recruitment/sourcing rate you won't find on the market.
- Painless and simplified agreements easy to understand.
- Free recruitment of Junior IT candidates

Even if your number of positions are currently well taken care of, we would like to stay in touch. This way when the time you need recruitment support comes, we will be happy to assist you in recruitment of IT talent from Ukraine and CIS.


Olena Mishakova, MBA
SKK GSB (South Korea) & Columbia GSB (USA)
Founder @ Find IT Talent

> Visit www.findittalent.com and Boost your IT talent pool from Ukraine and CIS

Company details:

Website: http://www.findittalent.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mishakovaolena/
Headquarters: Kiev, Ukraine
Company type: Partnership
Specialties: IT talent sourcing and Recruitment