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Data Scientist with a Data Engineering Focus

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RELOCATION: to Amsterdam, Netherlands

Job description

Founded in 2012 and based in Amsterdam, we turn news into actionable intelligence. Our international client base is growing rapidly, and more prospects are knocking on our door. That is why we need a best-in-class Applied Data Scientist to join our team.

Instead of sitting in a cubicle in a corporate environment, working at our Company means that you will be making an impact working in an ambitious, fast-growing team and bringing exciting products to the global financial market.


About the job:

The core of your role will be to deeply understand our clients’ business problems and come up with and build models that answer those needs. Typical topics revolve around the full spectrum of Natural Language Processing, anomaly detection, and recommendation systems. We particularly value models that can be introspected and easily adapted on the spot by data analysts.


About you:

You are not the type of person that needs, or will ask for, instructions. You are expected to be proactive with what is already in place and pitch ideas for improvement. You will make sure your ideas are understood, validated, and implemented in practice too. You have a passion for technology and the way it is changing traditional markets and institutions. You want to be part of that revolution and are looking for an adventurous job where you can make a real difference.



As part of the data science team, you will have to extract insights from our data (mostly in non-structured text form) and provide new tools and resources for our developers and analysts. As an Applied Data Scientist with a Data Engineering focus, one of your core tasks is to support the data science team into turning their ideas into production-ready infrastructure and code.  You’ll get your hands dirty on the command line of Linux servers, and help us develop data pipelines both on and off the cloud.


Hard skills:

We also really appreciate:

Soft skills:


We offer a wide array of perks to help our employees find an ideal work-to-life balance. We’re all about increasing productivity by maximizing joy. Here are some of the benefits that we have to offer:

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