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C++ Developer

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RELOCATION: to Eindhoven, Netherlands


Designing, implementing and maintaining highly advanced software tooling which will be used to process digital geographic data of world leading data providers. The processed geographic data will be used in worldwide navigation products of market leading customers like VW, BMW and Daimler.
You report to one of our Project leaders or our Development Manager (hierarchically) and SW architect (technically).

Work Environment

The activities will take place within the ‘Innovation and Development’ (I&D) department. This is a team of over 85 software engineers who work on a suite of highly advanced software tools. The software tools are used by the product creation and validation department to create the products for our customers. The work environment is mainly Linux based, making use of open source tooling as much as possible.

Work Description 

Activities comprise the development of software that is used to convert digital geographic data to the Company’s internal database format dHive. Other software is developed to extract various output formats from dHive. The input data can originate from local suppliers in one country, or from global parties such as HERE (former NAVTEQ) or TomTom (former TeleAtlas) Licensing. Next to creating data conversion software, the I&D department also develops visualisation en verification tooling. Within a project team you will be responsible for your own products, under supervision of the SW architect and project leader. Besides developing, documenting and testing your own code, reviewing the work of colleagues and problem solving also belong to your responsibilities. You like to work as part of a self-organizing Scrum team.

The Company has an ISO9001-certified quality system for the entire company and has achieved A-Spice level 2.

Core Tasks

• Developing and maintaining conversion, test and visualisation tooling.
• Performing peer code reviews.
• Performing developer tests on your own code.
• Creating and updating SW documentation (e.g. wiki).


We offer an excellent benefits package:

Additional information about Eindhoven:
Eindhoven has become one of Europe’s prominent high-tech regions in recent years. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the high quality of life, effective educational system, the combination of city facilities and the serenity. Furthermore, Eindhoven has excellent national and international transport links give you the chance to travel.

Cost of Living in Eindhoven: https://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/in/Eindhoven

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