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Full-stack (Java) Developer

Visa sponsorship and relocation support

RELOCATION: to Berlin, Germany


To support our IT & Quality Assurance team we are searching as of now for a Full-stack Agile Developer

As our new Full-stack Agile Developer you will need to have:

  • PASSION for tech; it’s something many companies speak about, but at our Company, we put those words into action! We were one of the earliest startups in Berlin from the ‘new wave’ of tech startups. In fact, we’re practically startup royalty - successful (and profitable) with fun plans for expansion.
  • Our teams have Product Management, Devs, and UX all working together every day.


What Type of Developer we're looking for?

  • An expert in building high availability, scalable applications using RESTful principles. 
  • Full stack people who feel comfortable writing tests, adding to a continuous deployment script, doing a little front-end, optimising a query on a database, or adding a new version of a service.
  • Proficient in teaching and leading by example, and mentoring both junior and senior engineers. 
  • Most of our applications are written in Java or Javascript, but as someone who is passionate about development, you’ll be open to picking up new languages and frameworks when the situation arises. Our developers decide the right tool for the job, so you should be very comfortable doing this too. We have a lot fun discussing the merits of different technology and we want you to join and lead these conversations.
  • You care about test-driven, clean code, delightful user experiences and all the lovely stuff that's involved with automatically tested, continuously deployed applications.
  • Let us be explicit; you will write your own tests. You also may be an expert on thinking critically about potential flaws, and are able to teach others on this subject. You have depth of experience, but are open to being more broad too. For example, our Java developers learn from the Javascript experts, and vice versa. Having a desire to expand and master something new means you're a good fit for us.
  • As our company offers platforms all over the world and has lots of different nationalities, we made English our company language. Your English skills should be sufficient to have day to day conversations and read this job description.


What We Offer:

  • Super smart, dynamic, international team members. Highly skilled people striving for results; professional but with a fantastic sense of humour.
  • A competitive salary, great benefits and an excellent working environment.
  • Berlin startup amenities, such as nice laptops, and great office facilities 
  • An opportunity to build a platform which is used by millions in many, many countries that help people find their soul mate.

Here’s a Bunch of Cool Tech We Are Currently Using:

  • Tech includes: Front-end (JS, Angular.js, React.js) and Back-end (Java, Spring, Hibernate) + some automated testing experience (unit testing, junit, automated testing frameworks like TDD / BDD).
  • Everyone’s favourite question: what’s your tech stack? Well, basically, it’s whatever is the right tool for the job. And the teams typically decide what ‘right’ means (also like every other company on the planet right now, we’re slicing up a monolith in order to enable quicker, more discreet development).
  • And not so frequently used: Symfony2, Twig, RabbitMQ & Redis, MySQL

!!! Please send your CV to olena.mishakova@doitrelocation.com , the form below is not working!!!

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